John Embry continues:

“One way you do that is you don’t permit follow-through of any significance.  You don’t have a day where gold is up 3% or 4%, and then follow it with another day like that.  So now gold is struggling to hold its price it reached on Friday.

But the fact is we are coming into a seasonally strong period of demand....

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“The financial and economic fundamentals are just exploding with each day.  And the price of gold is very, very undervalued at this point because of the suppressive activities that have taken place since Labor Day of last year, and it’s really intensified since Leap Day on February the 29th.

As I’ve been saying for some time, this is one of the great opportunities to load up on as much physical gold and silver as you can get.  But keep away from the paper (gold and silver).”

Embry also added: “As the global economy continues to deteriorate, which I believe it will, the natural reaction to that (by central planners) is to create as much money as humanly possible, to make sure that it (the economy) doesn’t implode.  To me, that’s enormously supportive of higher gold prices.

More importantly, the very fact that, in the last two years, collectively central banks have moved from being sellers of gold to being considerable accumulators, who in the world would know better about what’s coming than these guys?  They created the problem.

We’ve got a real great opportunity here to buy gold and silver at great prices.  Those are the two assets that I’m totally comfortable with in what I see unfolding.  And that is an economy that can’t get out of it’s own way, which will require massive amounts of liquidity.

I can’t think of a better environment in which to own (physical) gold and silver, as opposed to all of these paper assets that people are clinging to.”

When asked about Europe, Embry responded, “It’s interesting you would ask me that because I was just reading a terrific article in the FT.  It’s talking about (how) the euro skeptics, once again, have the best lines.  The problem is, the things that would have to be done to make the euro work cannot be embraced by the Northern Europeans.

It would mean complete debt-sharing, fiscal unions, a political union, and there are so many conflicting points of view, in all of these countries, that you can’t go there.  And in the absence of going there, it isn’t going to work.

I was fascinated watching a debate with Nigel Farage and about four other dignitaries from various European countries.  Nigel was the only one that was making any sense.  He said, ‘These are problems that cannot be solved.’

The other people didn’t have any solutions.  They put forth the idea that they were optimistic things would get better.  That is just ridiculous.  I mean there are times for optimism and there are times for realism.  Right now it’s time for realism, optimistic hope isn’t going to work.”

This is a tremendous interview with John Embry.  He discusses gold manipulation, the economy, Europe, silver, mining shares, central planner actions and much more.  Because of the recent action in the markets, the KWN John Embry interview is available now and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE.

The interviews with Egon von Greyerz, Bill Fleckenstein and Jean-Marie Eveillard (oversees $50 billion) are available now.  Also, be sure to listen to this week’s line-up of other KWN interviews which include Michael Pento, Gerald Celente, MEP Nigel Farage, Dr. Stephen Leeb, Rick Rule and Eric Sprott by CLICKING HERE.

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