James Dines continues:

“The result of this, is we have a speculative boom in hot new issues, social networking stocks and some high techs, just like the market top around ten years ago.  So, for many, the dangers are great.  Eric, you remember my frequent and shocking predictions of the coming ‘Age Of The End Of Jobs,’ due to robotics, the coming ‘New Social Order,’ and the coming ‘Second Great Depression.’ 

Just witness the riots going worldwide these days, including the open emergence of anarchists.  We all should remember that an anarchist’s assassination started World War I....  

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To hear what billionaire Eric Sprott & Rick Rule are doing with their own

money and which $10 billion company John Embry &

Dr. Marc Faber oversee click on the logo:

“America appears to be better off than Europe, but it’s always at war, and thirty seven cents out of every dollar that’s spent is borrowed.  So an oblivious America is racing toward a brick wall, while its credit card is maxed out.  America’s so-called recovery, from the 2008 crash, has been called by apologists, ‘The Great Recession.’  No, we have continued to predict that it’s the ‘Coming Great Depression.’

And Europe is in a slow-motion train wreck.  The countries are picked off one after another, as if by sniper fire, Iceland, Ireland, Greece, and now Spain.  Spain’s real estate crash might bring down their banks.  S&P downgraded it and Spain reported an unemployment rate of 24.5%.  

One in every four Spaniards is unemployed, but under the age of 25, Spain’s unemployment rate is over 50%.  Think about that.  Am I the only one who is warning this is fertile ground for a revolution?

The so-called solution that the governments have, is to print more money, like inflation/deflation could be turned on and off with the amount of money printed.  But the risk is that the deflation will click into the overdrive of a hyperinflation.  Maybe that’s why oil prices are already at sky high levels?

I ponder about gold having risen for eleven straight years and what kind of clue that might be?  These fanatics (central planners) have perpetrated QE1, QE2, they are now considering QE3.  

These paper money addicts, who remain trapped in the fallacies of Keynesianism, are revealed as a vast intellectual Sahara.  Won’t somebody inform them that overprinting caused this mess.  More overprinting is obviously the wrong remedy.  If a little arsenic is bad for you, then maybe a lot more is not good either.  

Meanwhile, gold and silver are in long-term ‘Super Major Uptrends.’  That’s one way to protect yourself, and that’s for survival purposes, not for capital gains.  Whatever happens next, sooner or later the world must return to wealth in the ground.  So, I think that mining stocks deserve a place in all farsighted portfolios.”

This is a wide-ranging interview with one of the great ones you don’t want to miss.  The KWN audio interview with James Dines is available now and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE.

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The Peter Schiff and Jean-Marie Eveillard audio interviews are available now.  And be sure to listen to this week’s incredible line-up of other KWN interviews, which include Dr. Keith Barron, Eric Sprott, Egon von Greyerz, Rich Yamarone, John Embry and more.  You can listen to these interviews by CLICKING HERE.

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rewritten, or redistributed.  However, linking directly to the blog page is permitted and encouraged.

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