Stephen Leeb continues:

“So, of course it’s extraordinarily destabilizing.  Importantly, it’s beyond any human being to understand all of the interrelationships between all of these paper derivatives various entities possess.  Everything is hedging everything else and it becomes so complex that there is virtually no easy way out.  When you hear numbers like quadrillions, it’s so detached, relative to the size of the world’s economy.

We are in a real mess and it cannot be sorted out in any meaningful way.  It’s a matter of when people wake up and start fleeing towards gold.  I assure you that five years from now, when you look at this period (in gold), it won’t look like anything on the chart.  But living through this kind of pain is very difficult because you see how it’s going to work out, but you don’t see the exact timing....

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“You may see a situation where gold is at $1,400, and then two months later it’s at $2,500.  That’s just one of many possible scenarios.  We don’t know the bottom for sure right now, but one thing is certain, you are going to see new highs in gold.  Investors just need to hang in there.

So you are going to have a massive move in real assets, there is no doubt about that.  Will the Greek election be a catalyst?  Has the failure of Greece to form a new government been a catalyst?  Regardless, people are starting to realize that the euro, as it currently exists, doesn’t make any sense.  It just doesn’t.

What they are doing right now is putting salt on the wound with austerity, etc..  The election results, throughout Europe, are supporting this.  It will be every country for itself as the euro is dissolved.”

Leeb also added: “History shows that given the choice between inflation and austerity, people are going to choose inflation every time.  Germany is a great example.  It’s true you had incredible inflation in the 1920s and you had awful things taking place, especially to the poor people in Germany.

But overall, despite the horror of people starving and children being sold, the German economy did not perform that bad.  There were just such great disparities between people being poor and others becoming extremely wealthy.

What crushed Germany in the 1930s was 25% unemployment.  During the 1920s, unemployment never got above 10%.  Hitler came about in the 1930s because of 25% unemployment.  Nobody wants to see worldwide depression and massive unemployment.

You already have massive protests in Spain.  People are leaving Spain because they know there is no chance of a job there.  It’s tragic.  The current status quo is something that is not tolerable.  These are going to be very tumultuous events.  I mean the euro is not just going to walk away.  Everyone will be using their various currencies again, but it’s going to happen in stages.

If investors step back and look at this from a longer-term perspective, they will realize that politicians feel the only way out of this mess is to print more money.  After the money printing will come the inflation.  It will be higher inflation than anything we’ve seen in the post-World War II period and it will send gold, silver and all commodities skyrocketing.  But I can’t deny it, this is an incredibly painful transition.”

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