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Rick Rule continues:

“If you are going for backing from the institution you are trying to supplant, caution flags are raised.  What I will be interested to see is how politicized the lending portfolio of the BRIC Bank will be.  Certainly it couldn’t be worse for the world economy than the World Bank has been over time.

This whole situation is indicative of the fact that societies are increasingly distrustful of the United States and to a lesser degree, the West’s control of the world economy.  This also points to the fact that there are arrangements taking place that will eventually deny the US of seigniorage....

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“The idea that a society which is as unfriendly to savers as the United States can continue to benefit from a monopoly on currency is now being openly challenged.  This is just one example, albeit a large example, of what we will continue to see if the US doesn’t get its house in order.  

From the point of view of 3rd world citizenry, they are unlikely to trust a coalition of governments which introduce yet another fiat currency.  The upshot of this, I suspect, will be increasing acceptance on a global basis for gold and silver.”

“(Malaysian state-owned) Petronas announced they were going to make major acquisitions in the North American market, in particular Canada.  These acquisitions would total over $5 billion.  It’s a reminder of two things we’ve been talking a lot about on King World News.

The first is the increasing competition for resources on a global basis, for established and emerging economies in Asia.  Countries such as  China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan or Malaysia.  What they know is that the Western nations have been, for 50 or 100 years, securing supplies of resources on a global basis.  They are late to the game and they need to access resources, particularly when it comes to energy.

The other theme is that the Canadian oil and gas resource plays are cheap.  The valuations are simply too low.  This situation has also exposed the fact that countries like Japan are having difficulties maintaining their electricity output.  The insatiable demand for liquefied natural gas in Asia is going to continue to put pressure on Asian companies to make acquisitions in this space.

For a couple of years we have talked about the fact that the broad direction in energy prices is higher.  There is tremendous tightness when it comes to global supplies of energy.  

The fact that since we have been discussing this, the price of WTI crude has risen from $70 to the $105 to $110 area, says something about the tightness on a global basis.  I continue to believe we will see substantially higher prices for both crude oil and natural gas over the next three to five years.”

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© 2012 by King World News®. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.  However, linking directly to the blog page is permitted and encouraged.

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