Robert Fitzwilson continues:

“Fresh money then comes pouring in, which attracts even larger pools of capital and then the shorts panic.  Shorts begin to go on the buy side to exit positions which are now moving aggressively against them.  This can create an explosive move to the upside and that’s exactly what we are seeing take place right now in silver.   

If you look at supply/demand and depletion of above ground stocks, as well as the rapidly expanding industrial uses, silver is one of the most grotesquely undervalued assets on the planet.  

People have to remember that we are in a cycle which is very similar to what we saw in the 1970s.  It’s not exactly the same primarily because conditions are significantly worse.  Sometimes it is helpful to go back and remember what took place during the 70s cycle....

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“Around 1975 there was this distinct realization that prices were going up.  So, I switched from being a saver, which I had always been because I was building a family, but I remember, with everybody, the mindset changed completely.  What made sense was not to save, but to go out and buy everything you could get your hands on.

It wasn’t because of some deep analysis of what Arthur Burns was doing about monetary policy, it was really on a gut level, from the man and woman on the street, that they needed to get rid of their cash and start buying things.  Those are the things that will start to happen when the velocity of money really starts to take off.

Then, when people start to get educated and understand that money is rapidly losing its value, you will get something like we saw in the 70s where people wanted out of paper money.  We are still very, very early in this cycle but these are the types of things KWN readers globally should expect.

The other thing was the people who had goods during that period, they figured it out and suddenly the stores didn’t have any inventory and stores were closed.  There was even a scramble to get gasoline and people didn’t think it was available.

I remember there was one fellow that picked up the phone and called into Texas and asked, ‘Do you have any gasoline available?’  They said, ‘Sure, how much gas do you want?’  This man made over $1 million buying gasoline out of Texas and shipping it.  The bottom line is all of this type of stuff will contribute to a big spike in the velocity of money at some point.

What’s different about the 70s versus now is that the baby boomers are at the opposite end of this where they are disposing of assets.  My guess is that we will see this panic out of paper will first start overseas and then it will move to the US.  But eventually everyone is going to look at the cash in their pocket or in the bank and this money is rapidly eroding and I have to do something with it.

You hear people saying that using gold and silver as money is crazy, but the truth is that for pretty much all of human history, except for 40 years, gold and silver have been money.  

I remember distinctly when I had any awareness of money at all that my allowance was paid in silver coins.  You would save it and put it in the bank and the paper money you would save in was backed by gold.  So the only money I knew until I was literally graduating high school and even for a time beyond that was gold and silver as money.

There are well over 100 million people in the United States who remember gold and silver as money.  It’s the mainstream media and the establishment that tries to tell you the concept is ridiculous.

So mainstream media and the establishment say having silver and gold as currency is crazy.  But it’s crazy not to acknowledge that was the money system not too long ago.  Mr. Hugo Salinas Price, out of Mexico, has proposed we go back on a system of silver coinage.  His suggestion, and I think it’s a brilliant idea, is that even junk silver coins be remonetized.  It hasn’t happened yet, but I think the logic behind it is outstanding.”

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