Egon von Greyerz continues: 

“I think this move will continue and we should see at least $2,000 by the end of March.  It’s obvious why, since we last talked the Greek package has come and gone.  Everybody who understands this knows it has failed. 

What central banks around the world are trying to do, the Titanic, the world economy, is sinking and they can’t even rearrange one deck chair.  The one deck chair is Greece.  Greece isn’t solved.  In the end Greece will default.

In the last eighteen months world money supply has gone up by $10 trillion.  There is massive money printing taking place worldwide.  So, central banks are doing this, but it is the wrong remedy because we are not going to solve anything by printing.

The forest fire actually needs to burn the whole forest down.  This what needs to happen to the whole world economy.  We need to reset the world economy and start again.  Iceland is the best example of that and this is what needs to happen to the whole world....

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“This means the banking system will fail because nothing will be repaid, but that is the only way to get the world back on its feet.  This will not happen right now because they will continue to print, just like the $10 trillion in the last eighteen months.  This has been without the Fed printing very much money.

So we will see continued money printing and massive growth in the money supply to cover all of these debts.  Gold should already be $8,900, according to John Williams, if it were to go back to the 1980 high, adjusted for inflation.  Never mind the fact that they will print a lot more money and there are a lot bigger problems today than there were in 1980.

I’ve been saying $10,000 gold for a long time and I think that’s just for starters.  With of all of the money we will see printed, we will go well above $10,000.”

When asked about silver specifically, von Greyerz stated, “We should see anywhere from at least $50 for silver and maybe even as high as $67 by the end of March.  This has everything to do with cycles.  Obviously I believe we will have a very strong move between now and the end of March.

Inflation adjusted, the 1980 equivalent for silver would be over $500 and I do believe silver will eventually trade over $500 an ounce.  If you take gold at $10,000 and the gold/silver ratio is 20/1, this targets $500 for silver.  Keep in mind the ratio should go lower to 15/1.”

Von Greyerz also added:  “I’m actually worried about the world’s situation.  I’ve been expecting this for a very long time.  Every time there is a problem, governments have no solution.  The ship is sinking and the effect it will have on the world economy is just going to be devastating.”

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