Robert Fitzwilson continues:

“Sometimes investors will ask, ‘How much of my assets should I have in gold?’  That’s the wrong question.  The question should be, how much of your wealth are you willing too see destroyed?  What this cycle is really all about is wealth preservation and gold is a way to protect your wealth.

As I have mentioned in the past, there will also be a great transfer of wealth.  KWN readers also need to remember that somebody is always making money.  My feeling is there is always pockets of positive economic activity somewhere on the planet.  Investors just need to find the positive activity because it is out there.

One example is the oil market.  Oil is surging and breaking out.  Supplies are very tight at this point relative to demand.  The Saudis just announced they are cutting production.... 

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“The question becomes, are the Saudis cutting production or are they unable to increase their production?  My belief is they are unable to increase production.  

Regardless, the secular forces almost ensure that the price of energy is going higher.  With this as a backdrop, we have the Fed mandating that they are going to try to get the stock market higher and improve the economy by printing money.  You can’t have that happen without demand for oil increasing. 

So, both from a monetary perspective and a supply/demand perspective, the price of oil has to go higher and has to go higher in a substantial way.  $170 to $250 a barrel oil would not surprise me.  The bottom line is energy is another area where investors can make money and preserve wealth.

Another area where investors can make money is in the agriculture space.  From a long-term perspective, the amount of arable land is declining through erosion and conversion to other purposes.  We also know the population is increasing and people around the world are striving for better quality food and more of it.  

The supply of water is also diminishing.  So the outlook for agriculture is strong as far as the eye can see.  To us it is fairly straight forward that the price of food commodities has to go higher, along with the secular change in the population.  Another bullish factor for agriculture is rising input costs.

The other thing investors need to keep in mind is in cycles like the 70s, and even in the 80s, great fortunes were made.  And these were in terrible times.  We thought New York City was going bankrupt.  People believed we couldn’t find oil.  But people made a lot of money by having their portfolios properly positioned.  Money was made in mining stocks, oil stocks and so on.

As I mentioned earlier, somebody is always making money in every cycle.  People just need to stay ahead of the news, do their homework to properly position their portfolios and they will be fine.  They also need patience.  Frankly, longer-term that’s how you make your money.”

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