John Embry continues:

“So it’s (the liquidity is) being forced into financial assets.  That is leading this disconnect between the real world and the prices of financial assets.  I don’t know how this is going to be resolved, but I suspect negatively in the sense that at some point people are going to flee these things, particularly bonds, because they don’t represent any value whatsoever....

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Embry had this to say about gold and silver:  “In the past year I didn’t think they could hold the gold price as successfully as they did.  I mean gold is up this year.  It’s probably going to be up 6% or 7%, but the fact is I would have expected far more than that based on what has unfolded in both the financial and the economic world.

So I think what we’ve built up is just a pent-up demand and a great looking chart.  This is going to be supportive of a huge move.  I really believe that 2013 will be the year it starts to break away.  I have no problem with these high numbers that are being thrown around.  I was watching an interesting interview the other day with James Turk, who I have enormous respect for, and he had called for $8,000 by 2015 back in 2003.  He was just reiterating his point of view.

I just don’t think most people have any idea of how far something like this can go once it gains momentum.  I remember when I was bullish on the stock market a long time ago and it (the Dow) had been trading under 1,000 for 16 years.  I thought 3,000 was a real bold call, and it went to (roughly) 12,000.

So I’m extraordinarily bullish on the upside potential for gold, and I’m even more bullish for the upside potential for silver because in the event that we have a raging bull market in precious metals, the gold/silver ratio is going to fall like it always does during bull markets for precious metals.

I believe it (silver) will go ballistic.  As you know, Eric Sprott and I have been extremely bullish on silver and we remain extremely bullish.  One of the reasons is that over the past 50 years, billions of above ground ounces of silver have been consumed.

So by definition, there is far more demand than there is silver coming out of the ground and silver being recovered from scrap.  So the rubber is going to meet the road if Nick Laird’s number (for above ground silver) is anywhere close to being real, and I think it is.

Eventually the demand is just going to overwhelm the supply and that’s when the price will go crazy.  So these much higher price projections for silver, you can see them from what’s unfolding in the supply/demand equation.”

KWN has released the tremendous John Embry audio later today.  Embry discusses what to expect in 2013 for all global markets, including gold, silver, stocks and the shares.  The John Embry audio is available now and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE. 

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The interviews with John Embry, John Mauldin, Michael Pento, Egon von Greyerz, Gerald Celente, Andrew Maguire, James Turk and Rick Rule are available now.  Also, be sure to listen to the other recent KWN interviews which included Nigel Farage, Chris Powell, Bill Fleckenstein, John Hathaway and Ben Davies by CLICKING HERE.

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