Nigel Farage continues:

“(This is being done) to lock countries in to a new form of government which is so far removed from any concept of liberal democracy that I think it’s quite frightening.  So I really made the point yesterday (in Parliament) that all of these bailouts that we’ve seen, (were designed to have) they (the countries) get put directly under the command and control of the institutions of the European Union.

And frankly, their prime ministers become puppets.  And in terms of the people that want to create the European state, they are delighted.  They would almost like everyone to go bankrupt and then they are really in charge....

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“For example, in Ireland recently, the troika, and just to remind to remind people, that is the European Central Bank, the European Commission, and the IMF, 50 officials descended upon Dublin.  They went through the books, and they sat down with the Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny, and told him exactly what he must do with spending and with government taxation.

I mean there is almost no point in the people of Ireland going through the process of holding democratic elections anymore when the bureaucrats are totally in control.  And van Rompuy wants to take this a stage further.  He now wants to get all of the members of the eurozone to actually sign, you know sign in blood, binding agreements that say that they will only implement budgets as they are allowed to implement by him.  And if a parliament in any of the eurozone countries was to vote through a budget which was different than that approved by the European institutions, it would be legally struck down.

They even want to get eurozone countries to change their constitutions, to write in their constitutions that they will obey all orders from Brussels.  Now this is just monstrous, and I must say that it’s not just the Europeans on their own.  I mean the IMF in Washington, which of course the US is an 18% shareholder in, they’ve suddenly become part of this great game.

Last week we even saw the Nobel Prize Committee, and they come out supporting the European Union and giving them the Peace Prize.  So it is very, very difficult to ignore those voices, who have been telling me for 20 years that behind all of this there are a group of people that want to create a ‘one world government.’ 

I’ve tried to ignore those arguments and say, ‘Look, let’s not be too conspiratorial about this.’  But goodness me, it’s beginning to stare us in the face.”

Farage had this to say regarding gold:  “I think just as my view that the eurozone is going to take longer to break down, and that the severe, underlying banking crises that lie behind it may be staved off for a bit longer, I think the moment at which gold reaches the really big peaks that I think it can reach, maybe that’s been deferred a bit.

Maybe it’s going to take longer for all of this to come to a head, but you certainly wouldn’t want to be short of gold, you’d want to be long of gold.  And we’re probably in one of those markets now where you are going to have to display a little bit of patience.

But I do firmly think if you get any dips on gold from here that it should be bought.”

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The information above was just a small portion of this incredible interview with Farage.  He discussed the ongoing crisis in Europe, the move to a one world government, gold, what type of chaos to expect going forward and much more.  The KWN audio interview with Nigel Farage is available now and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE.

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