October 13, 2012 (King World News) - This is further evidence of how disconnected the political elite has become from the people.  I wonder what the citizens of troubled EU countries feel about a peace prize being awarded to a technocratic elitist project that has practically tied the hands and feet of any sovereign fiscal response to the ongoing crises by governments in countries such as those of Greece and Spain.  I can only hope they are laughing.  The troika's demand for cuts and slow and painful structural reforms, in exchange for further indebtedness, does not create peace in Europe -- quite the opposite.  This is evident in the streets, where riots and protests are growing in intensity.

Admittedly it is not hard to understand the argument that the EU has played a role in stabilizing Europe after World war II, but so have many other polities.  In hindsight during the Cold War both NATO and the Soviet Union contributed to "stability and peace."  So why not give the peace prize to the more or less constantly active fighting forces of NATO?

To provide some details about the committee that actually makes the decision that may not be communicated in international media:

The chairman is also currently the general secretary of the Council of Europe.  Although not a part of the EU's institutions, the council invented what is now the EU's flag, which we all have learned to associate with the union, the blue flag with the 12 stars.  I want King World News readers to know that this decision is not supported by the majority of Norwegian citizens, who have opted out twice from joining the EU, but mostly by the political elite, which is often spared from the consequences of their economic decisions.  In a poll released today 75 percent of the Norwegian people surveyed disagreed with the decision.  Again we see this completely out-of-touch-with-reality mentality amongst politicians.  This mentality is characteristic of the sovereign fiscal crises.

Although this prize is insignificant in the long term and will have no real effect on EU policies, but rather is just a typical news sensation, I cannot help but thinking that history will prove this award as being utterly mistimed and an insult to the many suffering people of Europe as the EU's imperialistic project fails.  You cannot suppress the majority of people in whole nations and insist on their continuous suffering as debt slaves due to political ambition of sustaining a flawed common currency project that was from its onset bound to create and increase tensions between nations with severe differences in productivity levels and fiscal traditions.  What has that do with peace?

If the EU and its economic policies contribute to peace, why do I receive  phone calls from savers and small investors from EU countries every week  asking me if they can buy physical gold and silver to be stored in security boxes outside the EU?  If gold and silver in physical possession is “voting  with your feet” on currency and economic policies, I would say EU citizens are marching to the ballot boxes as we speak and it seems they are increasingly opting out of the euro and into gold and silver.

Martin Mesicek, M.Sc. Political Economy, Gold Source, Norway.

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Eric King

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© 2012 by King World News®. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast,

rewritten, or redistributed.  However, linking directly to the blog page is permitted and encouraged.

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