James Dines continues:

“We’re now at a historical disjunction and things are getting very different.  One of the predictions I’ve made on your show, I’ve discussed the coming new social order.  One of the things I mean by it is the coming age of the end of jobs.  We’re there right now.  That’s why there’s such stubbornly high unemployment.  The number of jobs is decreasing and there’s going to have to be a new social order.

They went to college and didn’t get any jobs and now they are wondering where the jobs are.  The government, in desperation, is trying to create jobs which, of course, no government can do.  But the absence of jobs is one of the early signs of what I’ve been predicting.  We are in for a social upheaval of the first magnitude.  The world is going to get much more dangerous....

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“Travel is going to get more and more dangerous.  The world is in a rough period right now and it’s because of what I call a murmuration.  This is a subsection of my work on mass psychology.  The whole world is now in a murmuration.  It’s happening, for example, in these riots worldwide, the street demonstrations and the revolutions.

What’s going on is there’s something disturbing humanity.  It’s disturbing the mass mind of humanity on this planet.  I think it’s the currencies.  People simply cannot live on what they are earning.  It’s the government printing more paper (money) than actual wealth is being created.

What’s happening is similar to the Ersatz bread, in Germany, during the war when there was not enough wheat.  They put sawdust, 10% of the bread was made of sawdust.  It smelled good and tasted good, but the people began to starve, and that’s what’s happening with the currencies of the world.  People feel this squeeze and they don’t know what to do about it.

It’s more of a continuum.  It began when they severed the link between the dollar and gold and it’s been steadily increasing ever since.  The currencies have become increasingly degraded.  With all of humanity, paper currencies are all debasing at the same time.  This has never happened in the world before and that’s what’s disturbing the mass mind.”

Dines also added: “You also have to keep in mind the US dollar is in an uptrend as we go to press.  The world continues to slide into what I’ve been calling ‘The Coming Great Deflation.’  We are in a deflation and you need to prepare for it.  So that’s what’s happening in terms of gold.  It’s very bullish.  We’re on a short-term buy signal and a long-term buy signal.  The long-term Super Major uptrend is intact.”

In this interview Dines covered gold, silver, mining shares, uranium, uranium shares, the stock market and more.  The KWN audio interview with James Dines is now available and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE. 

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