Hathaway continues:

“I’m sure the vast majority of investors think that somehow we can restore fiscal sanity to the federal budgeting process, that it can be done democratically, but I kind of doubt that.  When you go to somebody and say we’re going to have to go on an austerity regime...that’s socially contentious...they don’t want to hear that.  That’s why you’re seeing rioting in Greece and that’s why you’re going to see the same sort of thing here (in the US) if we go the austerity route.”

Hathaway presented a Dow/Gold ratio in his latest piece and believes we are headed ultimately to a one to one ratio which would put gold today at over $12,000.  When asked if $12,000 gold was achievable Hathaway replied, “Sure, because that would reflect more damage to the integrity of the currency.  The number that they (Dow & Gold) cross at is going to probably be in the high 4 digits or low 5 digits, if it happens in the next couple of years.

...You know here’s the problem, we have negative interest rates today, negative real rates of around two percent, two and a half percent...If we did have a Volcker moment when you had somebody at the head of the Fed who said, ‘We are going to restore integrity to the currency’, you would have to raise real rates to something like three percent to make it easy.  So negative three (percent) to positive three means six percent nominal times $14 trillion in debt which is $700 or $800 billion, on top of the federal deficit that is already $1.6 trillion.  I mean those are the numbers that tell you that we’re basically bankrupt.  That’s why I say...

Continue reading the John Hathaway interview below...


To hear legendary company builder Rob McEwen, original Founder of

Goldcorp discuss which company he invested $60 million

of his own money in and why click on the logo:

that we’re past the point of no return.”

When asked what the price of gold would have to be to get back on a gold standard Hathaway stated, “It would have to be much higher.  I mean basically you have to make paper preferable to gold, and in this climate that means in a way you have to sort of bid for all of the gold, get people to trade in their gold for paper. 

The market says you can’t get it at $1,500.  Maybe they’ll try $2,000 or $3,000, but the reality is unless that bid for gold is backed by credible measures to restore integrity to government finances, the real number is going to be what we talked about earlier, something in the five digits.”

Jim Sinclair stated the price of gold would have to clear $12,500 to balance the foreign debt of the United States.  When asked about Sinclair’s $12,500 number Hathaway said, “Yeah, that ($12,500 for gold) is really what it would have to be.”

Just like the Jim Sinclair interview, here you have one of the great ones, John Hathaway, talking about the end game, essentially the end of the currency system as we know it.  This is probably Hathaway’s most compelling interview on King World News for that reason.  There is so much more information in John’s segment than the small portions above, so be sure to return to hear the complete interview.

The KWN audio interview with John Hathaway will be available shortly and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE.

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rewritten, or redistributed.  However, linking directly to the blog page is permitted and encouraged.

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