Turk continues:

“Let me just cite one example that is ongoing.  This individual has been storing with a Swiss bank twenty bars (1,000 ounce bars) of silver which has a market value today of just over $550,000.  So, it’s not only large transactions that are affected, but small ones too. 

When I last emailed this individual a couple of weeks ago, he was still trying to get his silver from this Swiss bank.  This has been going on for over two months, and again we are only talking about 20,000 ounces of silver.  This may seem unimaginable to some people, but I had told this individual in September when he contacted me that I had seen this problem repeatedly with other people. 

He was quite confident that he wouldn’t have a problem getting his silver because he had been paying storage fees on it since buying it in the late 1990’s.  The Swiss bank is insisting that he take cash, but he is demanding his silver which is supposed to be sitting in the bank’s vault be delivered to him.  As I said before Eric, I know of other examples like this one.

Circling back around to the Jim Rickards interview, he ended with some very good advice, with which I wholeheartedly agree.  Make sure your gold and silver are stored outside of the banking system.” 

With regards to gold and silver specifically Turk stated, “It is important for people to keep their eye on the big picture and not be distracted by short-term volatility in the price of gold and silver.   The long-term trend for both precious metals is still pointing higher.”

What in the world is going on with some of these banks that are supposed to be storing their customers gold and silver?  Have they leased it out to another entity?  Have they sold their customers precious metals and left an IOU in the vault while continuing to charge custodial fees?  King World News may have only scratched the surface of what could turn out to be a fraud inside of some of these banks.

Eric King

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