Sinclair continues:

“What most people look at, no what almost everyone looks at is a picture in time, something like looking at a still.  Up comes the chart, it’s a picture in time.  Very few people will focus on motion, direction over time.  And you can’t predict the future unless you can see things in motion.  So, to the static thinker the picture in time has to have an excuse of why the market did this or why the market did that or what technical thing happened to make it happen.  While in truth, you and I know we are watching something unfold.”

You nailed ahead of time the fact that gold would be strong despite strength in the US dollar. 

“To look at it in a sort of surgical sense, whenever gold rises in one market, based on currency it falls in another.  Looking at the dollar let’s say rising, it has really been taking the downside moderately.  I mean it’s (gold) been very, I think, quite firm.  More so than you would have expected over the last say 5 or 6 sessions...So the relationship is still there, it is just the overwhelming demand that has taken gold higher in terms of price.”

When will we see the first $100 move in a single day in gold?

“Before this year is out.  That is one of the things which I’ve predicated my $1,650 by January of 2011 call on, and we are about to find out.

Look at Harry (Schultz) dean of the whole bunch, he believes that when confidence falls, it falls instantaneously.  It may be ebbing and flowing, ebbing and flowing, and than all of the sudden wham, it’s gone!  And that will be both the dollar market and the gold market, and it will be in synch.”

When will the sociopaths that are attacking the euro and European specific countries turn on the US?

“I think you’re close to that.  When Bloomberg radio today talked about the US being like Greece in three years, I mean you are talking about Bloomberg here, that equates to me to three seconds.  Probably means more like three weeks.  You have news services that are listened to by the herd starting to talk about a default in the US currency.

There is no for and against in their (sociopaths) consciousness.  Once the euro play is over, and it’s damn close because all you’ve got left is Italy, Portugal and Spain, and clearly they will do those all at once, they have already said as much, so the play in the euro is at least 70% done.  So that means you are getting close to the play in the dollar.”

What would Bert Seligman and Jesse Livermore be thinking here Jim?

“They would have been looking for a big move here.  They would have been buying for a major move.  Here they would be expecting big, long legs on the upside.”  

So they would not be selling into strength here, instead they would be holding their book?

“Absolutely they would hold their book.  Listen, there’s no stopping this Eric.  It just can’t be stopped because these fools have so screwed it up that whatever kind of camouflage that gets pulled over at any time, whatever plays there are that Goldman is making this week or next week, it’s all noise. 

This stuff cannot be stopped because they have screwed things up that bad.  I mean the place is a wreck, and nobody wants to fix anything.  Everybody wants just to make it go one step further.  They’ve kicked the can, and kicked the can, and the can has gone nuclear.”

Jim Sinclair is not a legendary trader by chance.  He had access to greatness in trading and markets that very few human beings have ever witnessed.  In his KWN interviews Sinclair has nailed this gold market with surgical precision, and now he is looking for a big move to the upside.  My suggestion is to fasten your seatbelts and hold on to your book (positions).  

Eric King

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