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Gerald Celente

Gerald Celente: Founder & Director of the Trends Research Institute – Gerald has had a long track record of making some of the most controversial, yet correct calls in terms of global trends and events. In fact, many consider Mr. Celente to be the top trends forecaster in the world. Gerald has been quoted and interviewed in media throughout the world such as, CNBC, Fox, CBS, ABC, NBC, BBC, Time Magazine, The

Andrew Huszar

Andrew Huszar: Former Fed Member & Former Managing Dir. At Morgan Stanley – Andrew was Managing Director and U.S. Head of OTC Derivatives Client Clearing for Morgan Stanley. Previously, he managed for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York the $1.25 Trillion Agency MBS Purchase Program (the centerpiece of “QE1”). Andrew was previously a Senior Vice President at RBS Greenwich Capital and co-head of the Transaction Advisory Group, specializing in…

Beyond Ice: What to Do for Sore Runner’s Knees

Photo by By Bari Lieberman for Refinery29 Aches and pains are unfortunately common among runners of all levels — and ice can do only so much. “When a runner comes to me with pain at a joint [hip, knee, or ankle], I always reference the ‘bad-neighbor theory,’” explains Wes Pedersen, running coach and Equinox personal trainer. “That means you should look for any tightness, weakness, or asymmetry…both above and below the site

10 Sports Supplements That Actually Work

Photo by Walk the aisles of any nutrition or health food store, and you’re bound to be overwhelmed in less time than it takes to chug a protein shake. 1. Creatine monohydrate Bodybuilders have taken creatine powder for years to help them grow bigger and stronger. A creatine supplement makes more of this fuel available for your muscles, allowing you to complete more reps, said study author Michaela Devries, of