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Breast Pain? Why You Can Stop Worrying About Cancer

The fear factor Breast pain can be scary. Your mind immediately thinks cancer, but in all likelihood, cancer is not the cause. “The important thing for patients to realize is that while it can be a sign [of cancer], it is very rare,” says Michael Cowher, a breast surgeon with Cleveland Clinic. Breast cancer rarely produces painful symptoms, and the best way to detect it is still with your fingers.

Surprising Things That Could Impact Your Sexual Health

The “Yes Means Yes” bill, recently passed in California, was one of those rare instances —a new law that stands to change the way we view sexual assault in this country (see below for more detail).  But this landmark decision isn’t the only current legislation that could impact the way we handle important sexual-health issues in the United States. Right now, everything from emergency contraception to blood donation among gay

Airplane or Giant Germ-Mobile? 10 Ways to Stay Healthy While Flying

What crazy germs are flying with you? (Photo: Image Source/Digital Vision/Getty Images) When it was revealed last week that Ebola had arrived in the United States after a Liberian national, who had been visiting relatives in Dallas, was hospitalized with the disease, many began to worry—okay, freaking out— over the potential risks of traveling beside an ill cabin mate. But there is very little the average plane passenger has to worry